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Visit the Alhambra from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE

Discover the Alhambra from a hole new perspective. Discover the role of women in the “Nazarí” society, the legendary knowledge and veneration for wáter, the Christian influence...

Immerse yourself in the history of the Alhambra and Granada with our magnific and unique guided visits: The Alhambra from a different perspective.

Discover how the city of Granada conquered the water in this special and themed visit to the Alhambra. You can browse spaces that normally are closed to the public, and other monuments of Granada, open especially for this tour.


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This tour is one of the most comprehensive of the specialized itineraries, revealing the artistic and functional standards in Nasrid culture: on the one hand, the palatial city of the Alhambra, home of the Royal family. On the other hand, the bourgeois city of Granada, inhabited by merchants and artisans.


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Granada underwent an amazing transformation to a new social, economic and political order after the Reconquest carried out by the Catholic Monarchs. With this you visit will know how all these changes affected to Granada and its Alhambra.


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The Alhambra and the city sleeping down the hill, known through the marks left by the Emperor Charles the Fifth. He travelled there for his honeymoon, after his marriage with Isabella of Portugal.


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Women in the Moorish and Renaissance Alhambra and Granada, their private spaces and interrelations. This specialized tour will show the silent presence of Granadian medieval women, in many cases real protagonists of history.


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A guided tour through the Gardens of the Generalife, the Partal, Chales V Palace and the Alcazaba. This visit will surprise you and transfer you to Nasrid times.


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